Traveling With A Food Allergy

Traveling with an allergy can be a challenge. As someone that has done it a lot I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be what stops you from flying away – although right now COVID and/or COVID related travel restrictions might. There are times that it has been incredibly frustrating or challenging,Continue reading “Traveling With A Food Allergy”

Social Media Groups

There are all sorts of things wrong with social media, between how they use our data to how much time is spent mindlessly scrolling to the online bullying that so many young people experience being able to hide behind their screen. But, in this current crazy pandemic world I have found a few social mediaContinue reading “Social Media Groups”

Me and My Alien Go to America

Stuart and I made it to America the other day. Doesn’t sound that complicated. We fly around the world and between countries pretty regularly. He’s from the UK, I’m from the US. The two countries usually have a pretty open door policy between the two. So, what makes it worth writing a whole post aboutContinue reading “Me and My Alien Go to America”

Travel Restrictions. The realities, the myths, and the extra challenges of an international marriage during COVID.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you need some light reading to help keep your mind from wandering? Well, look no further than the land of trying to figure out if there is a way to get a visa here or there or which flights you can take into which country during theContinue reading “Travel Restrictions. The realities, the myths, and the extra challenges of an international marriage during COVID.”

Wait, I Still Have Signal?: Why I Switched to Google Fi.

A few years ago I was sitting on a train in China, I was trying to meet up with my friend that was living in Beijing but I had missed my connecting train and was going to be late. I had no cell phone service but somehow the girl I was traveling did. This wasContinue reading “Wait, I Still Have Signal?: Why I Switched to Google Fi.”

Superlatives of My Travels

One of the most common questions that people ask me about my life is where my favorite place I’ve traveled to is. I am lucky to be from Vermont in the United States and my husband is from the beautiful country of Scotland, so my standards for beautiful places are quite high. Every place I’veContinue reading “Superlatives of My Travels”

What’s The One Thing You Bring With You, I Said

I went on Facebook and posed the question “Traveling friends out there – what’s the one thing that you always bring with you to make your travels better?” And, I got a variety of answers. I left the question fairly open ended because I wanted to see where people’s minds would go – not whereContinue reading “What’s The One Thing You Bring With You, I Said”

My Opinion on “Once In a Lifetime Experiences”

Today my friend and I were walking towards the Edinburgh Castle. For so many people they would consider that a Once In a Lifetime Experience. Edinburgh. Scotland. Castles. Bagpipes. Woohoo! For me it certainly isn’t, as I spend a good chunk of my year in Scotland, and for this friend I certainly don’t think itContinue reading “My Opinion on “Once In a Lifetime Experiences””