What’s It Like in Scotland Right Now?

Aside from, “how are you guys doing?” by far the most common question I get when I talk to my friends and family at home is, “what’s it like in the UK right now?” They aren’t asking about the weather, although they do that sometimes, too. In case you’re wondering right now it’s about 54Continue reading “What’s It Like in Scotland Right Now?”

Accountability/Where Are We Going: October 2020

Happy almost Halloween. The extent of our Halloween festivities has been watching Halloween-ish movies. We watched The ‘Burb’s (ad) last night (available on Starz free trial), a lovely (relatively ridiculous) ’80’s flick starring Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher. We watched Ghostbusters and Hubie Halloween. And, as I am not that into Halloween (I think itContinue reading “Accountability/Where Are We Going: October 2020”

Just Keep Going

I am currently wrapping up another travel related quarantine and today has had the most dismal (and oh so stereotypically Scottish) weather. I have been doing all the things they say to do. I have been exercising, eating pretty well, and limiting my alcohol intake. I am journaling and starting my days off writing downContinue reading “Just Keep Going”

Accountability/Where Are We Going: September 2020

Somehow another month has come and gone and it is time for this post. While I technically got a whole lot done this month (including climbing on several roofs… go figure), they weren’t necessarily things that were on my list. On the ship I seemed to do pretty well with these accountability goals, but onContinue reading “Accountability/Where Are We Going: September 2020”

Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home

Recently a friend asked if we lived near Manchester, Vermont (we don’t) and if we would like to meet her at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home (we would). So, to Manchester, Vermont and Hildene we went. I had only ever seen and heard of Hildene when we were looking at wedding venues a few yearsContinue reading “Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home”

Social Media Groups

There are all sorts of things wrong with social media, between how they use our data to how much time is spent mindlessly scrolling to the online bullying that so many young people experience being able to hide behind their screen. But, in this current crazy pandemic world I have found a few social mediaContinue reading “Social Media Groups”

Me and My Alien Go to America

Stuart and I made it to America the other day. Doesn’t sound that complicated. We fly around the world and between countries pretty regularly. He’s from the UK, I’m from the US. The two countries usually have a pretty open door policy between the two. So, what makes it worth writing a whole post aboutContinue reading “Me and My Alien Go to America”

What is COVID Protocol Like in the UK?

That question is a bit like asking “what’s it like in the US?” the answer is entirely dependent on where you are in the country. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I came over to the UK. In the news the UK response was painted as “not great” but “better than the US”.Continue reading “What is COVID Protocol Like in the UK?”