Work With Me

My name is Iris. I grew up in Vermont, USA. I began cruising at 8 years old and haven’t stopped since. I am lucky enough to have been all around the world and I started this blog to share my experiences and excite people about both travel and the idea that you can build the life you want.

Bring my love of travel and cruising to your blog, article, product, or experience!

I am excited to offer the following opportunities:

  • freelance writing & guest posts
  • sponsored posts
  • sponsored links
  • as COVID and travel restrictions lift:
    • reviews of travel locations, hotels, restaurants, & transportation

Sample guest post

I have literally been around the world…

  • 72 countries
  • 5 continents (missing Africa and Antarctica)
  • 18 cruises (as a passenger)
  • 7 cruise lines (as a passenger)
  • As Crew: 1 cruise line, 7 ships, 13 contracts including: Grand Asia, South Pacific, Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Canada/New England, Mediterranean, Baltic
  • As Wife-on-Board: 1 cruise line, 1 ship, including: Grand World Voyage(s), Alaska, and Inca
    • Note: this is where I spent 100 days at sea during the coronavirus pandemic and cruise ship layup 2020


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