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Your First Cruise Ship Contract: Getting to the Ship

While it might be a little while still before cruising on a large scale resumes, (although, with the vaccine(s) and CDC Conditional-Sail-Order, who knows!), I am optimistically looking towards the future. In that spirit, I am starting a new series about what someone might expect and experience on their first cruise ship contract. This oneContinue reading “Your First Cruise Ship Contract: Getting to the Ship”

A Suite and a Sunset

Note: This post contains affiliate links that if you click on and then purchase I will make a small commission at no cost to you! I’ve been thinking about cruising a lot lately. Whether it’s because everyone is talking about the CDC extending the No Sail Order until the end of the month, the prospectContinue reading “A Suite and a Sunset”

Port Days vs. Sea Days

At the beginning of my career working on cruise ships I was offered a contract that was going to Hawaii. I thought it was an incredible once in a lifetime experience. What I found was that my naïveté of cruise ship life was showing. The reason being, that while Hawaii is beautiful and wonderful, ifContinue reading “Port Days vs. Sea Days”

Part I: Land Ho!

After 100 days at sea I left the m/s Amsterdam on a Sea Princess tender in Manila Bay, Philippines. Stepping on that tender was the first time that I had left my ship since March 12th when we were in Cairns, Australia. It all came about fairly quickly. Now, I wasn’t technically “stuck” on theContinue reading “Part I: Land Ho!”

It’s So Empty…

The other day I was sitting with a couple people (socially distanced, of course), when Stuart’s boss looks around and goes, “Where is everyone?” He wasn’t meaning that other people were meant to join us, but rather than at some point our ship got really empty. We knew there were less and less people onboard.Continue reading “It’s So Empty…”

The Jones Act

Canada recently announced that it would extend the closure of it’s borders to cruise ships from July 1st through October 31st. This effectively stopped even the hope of cruises going to Alaska as well as Canada/New England for the remainder of the year – even if Alaska, Massachusetts, and Maine opened up these cruises stillContinue reading “The Jones Act”

All of the Ships

Today we arrived in Manila, Philippines where we are sitting at anchor outside the port. We happen to be sitting at anchor surrounded by 21 other cruise ships. So for today, we’re not going to talk about the intricacies of quarantine and testing protocol for yet another country. Today we’re going to talk about cruiseContinue reading “All of the Ships”

Take a Chance: Friendships in a Transient Life

Today I found myself in a conversation with a few of the crew on board. We were talking about relationships, finding love on board, and in general socializing and building friendships with other crew. One person in this conversation was wholeheartedly against building friendships with other crew and certainly not a romantic relationship. His reasoningContinue reading “Take a Chance: Friendships in a Transient Life”

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