Would You Go Back To Work Right Now?

I was chatting with one of my friends from cruise ship life the other day about the future of cruising. The future of cruising for us though isn’t just about when you can sail away to a tropical paradise again. For us it affects our work, our relationships, and so much of our futures. ThereContinue reading “Would You Go Back To Work Right Now?”

A Suite and a Sunset

Note: This post contains affiliate links that if you click on and then purchase I will make a small commission at no cost to you! I’ve been thinking about cruising a lot lately. Whether it’s because everyone is talking about the CDC extending the No Sail Order until the end of the month, the prospectContinue reading “A Suite and a Sunset”

Port Days vs. Sea Days

At the beginning of my career working on cruise ships I was offered a contract that was going to Hawaii. I thought it was an incredible once in a lifetime experience. What I found was that my naïveté of cruise ship life was showing. The reason being, that while Hawaii is beautiful and wonderful, ifContinue reading “Port Days vs. Sea Days”

Where Are We Going?: May 2020 Edition

I’ve written a bit about how the ability to be flexible in this situation is what keeps you sane and functioning. That hasn’t changed in the last month, as we have no idea where we’re going. I seem to have gotten to a complacent level of that though as at this point I don’t reallyContinue reading “Where Are We Going?: May 2020 Edition”

An Adventure in Changing Plans: A COVID-19 Story

This is my story of living on board a cruise ship during the coronavirus epidemic. Our ship is healthy, does not have COVID-19, and has now disembarked all of the passengers. We are currently making our way to Fort Lauderdale from Fremantle, Australia. (You read that right – literally half way around the world.) ThisContinue reading “An Adventure in Changing Plans: A COVID-19 Story”

This Is Our Real Life

Onboard a little while ago someone asked me “what do you do in real life?” I responded with “This is my real life.” All of this life is our real life. It’s fine to ask if I work, what I do for work, and how we make it work. They knew I was sailing withContinue reading “This Is Our Real Life”

A Lesson in First World Problems

Today I learned a lesson in First World Problems. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, it’s a problem that might seem like a big problem to someone that has their health, happiness, a roof over their head, food in their bellies, and is financially stable. Think about someone being really upset that a restaurant isContinue reading “A Lesson in First World Problems”

Tendering: Everyone’s Favorite Activity

Today we had to tender ashore and it really went quite well.  There are a lot of factors that go into a successful tendering day. So, for today’s blog post: Let me explain about tenders. This ship has four tenders. For the purposes of tendering they figure that about 80 people +/- can sit comfortablyContinue reading “Tendering: Everyone’s Favorite Activity”