Just Keep Going

I am currently wrapping up another travel related quarantine and today has had the most dismal (and oh so stereotypically Scottish) weather. I have been doing all the things they say to do. I have been exercising, eating pretty well, and limiting my alcohol intake. I am journaling and starting my days off writing downContinue reading “Just Keep Going”

Traveling During a Pandemic: Round 2

Let me put this out there: I appreciate that my need to travel during a pandemic is part of why airline/airport/car rental/TSA/customs and border/etc employees still have to go to work during this time. I value their health and safety and realize the risk they are undertaking by continuing to go to work, especially whenContinue reading “Traveling During a Pandemic: Round 2”

Accountability: July 2020

Somehow we’ve ended up at the end of July and more than half the summer’s gone by.  In Vermont I’ve spent my days, doing lots of things in lots of ways.  After so long all on the ship, being home in one place feels like quite the trip.  I hope I can see my husband soon, otherwise we’llContinue reading “Accountability: July 2020”

So Many Platforms

I got a Twitter account a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty exciting. Except not really. I don’t have a clue what I am doing. My experience with Twitter prior to this has basically just been when political figures irrational, mean, non-sensical Tweets eventually made it to the news. Then, I started doing a littleContinue reading “So Many Platforms”

One Month Down, ? To Go

In years past we’ve gone a month, or maybe two months apart, and this year we had decided that we weren’t going to do that. To make that happen I would be spending a lot of time sailing as Wife-On-Board, and we would make his leave time from the ship work so that, aside fromContinue reading “One Month Down, ? To Go”

Don’t Talk Yourself Into Failure

I was listening to an interview on the podcast The Tim Ferriss Show with Hugh Jackman. The entire interview (it’s 1 hour and 41 minutes long) is fantastic. However, there was one section in particular that is life advice that I need to work to live by. Around 1:15 in the podcast Hugh starts talkingContinue reading “Don’t Talk Yourself Into Failure”

Accountability: June 2020

June was an interesting month. I started the month onboard the ship with no even indication that would change. I started shadowing and working with the Environmental Officer onboard to learn about his job and see if I wanted to apply for it (fun fact, I would actually use my degree for that job!). IContinue reading “Accountability: June 2020”

Are You Hiring?: Navigating Applying for a Job in a Pandemic

A lot of what I’ve written about on this blog is my job hunt. Does anyone else want to talk about the comedy that is the tragedy of searching for a job on a cruise ship right now? The cruise industry is at a complete halt, so are they even remotely thinking about hiring inContinue reading “Are You Hiring?: Navigating Applying for a Job in a Pandemic”