Social Media Groups

There are all sorts of things wrong with social media, between how they use our data to how much time is spent mindlessly scrolling to the online bullying that so many young people experience being able to hide behind their screen. But, in this current crazy pandemic world I have found a few social mediaContinue reading “Social Media Groups”

Ben & Jerry’s Around the World

I was chatting with a friend recently about the differences between foods in Vermont and Scotland and I mentioned that we can still get Ben & Jerry’s in Scotland. For anyone somehow not familiar with Ben & Jerry’s it is an ice cream company that was started in Vermont (where I’m from in the US).Continue reading “Ben & Jerry’s Around the World”

Port Days vs. Sea Days

At the beginning of my career working on cruise ships I was offered a contract that was going to Hawaii. I thought it was an incredible once in a lifetime experience. What I found was that my naïveté of cruise ship life was showing. The reason being, that while Hawaii is beautiful and wonderful, ifContinue reading “Port Days vs. Sea Days”

Me and My Alien Go to America

Stuart and I made it to America the other day. Doesn’t sound that complicated. We fly around the world and between countries pretty regularly. He’s from the UK, I’m from the US. The two countries usually have a pretty open door policy between the two. So, what makes it worth writing a whole post aboutContinue reading “Me and My Alien Go to America”

What is COVID Protocol Like in the UK?

That question is a bit like asking “what’s it like in the US?” the answer is entirely dependent on where you are in the country. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I came over to the UK. In the news the UK response was painted as “not great” but “better than the US”.Continue reading “What is COVID Protocol Like in the UK?”

Roadtrip to England

We have a friend that lives in Southampton, England. That friend had a week off of work and asked if we’d like to come stay with him and his family for a couple days. The drive to Southampton from our house online says it’s 6 hours and 57 minutes, so the last time we wentContinue reading “Roadtrip to England”

Accountability/ Where Are We Going?: August 2020

This is the month that time forgot. Accountability, what? Seriously. After a few late nights of writing posts that felt so much less than the quality I wanted to write I basically threw up my hands and decided to forfeit the “post on a schedule no matter what” idea and tried to adopt the “postContinue reading “Accountability/ Where Are We Going?: August 2020”

What Ship Is On the Top of Our Wish List?

Since our ship is being sold I have gotten asked by a lot of people what ship we will go to next and where that ship will go. The cruise industry is largely still in shut-down mode and and we haven’t (and don’t expect to) hear about where Stuart’s next assignment will be for aContinue reading “What Ship Is On the Top of Our Wish List?”

10 Best Things About Cruising *That Won’t Change Due to COVID

My love of cruising was pretty much cemented when at 8 years old on my first cruise on the Big Red Boat from the now defunct Premier Cruise Line I won a cruise playing win-a-cruise bingo. Here I am, a few decades and more cruises than I can count later, still in love with it.Continue reading “10 Best Things About Cruising *That Won’t Change Due to COVID”