Ben & Jerry’s Around the World

I was chatting with a friend recently about the differences between foods in Vermont and Scotland and I mentioned that we can still get Ben & Jerry’s in Scotland. For anyone somehow not familiar with Ben & Jerry’s it is an ice cream company that was started in Vermont (where I’m from in the US). Vermont is a small state with a lot of pride, but aside from fall foliage, random mentions in New York City based sitcom’s for couples romantic getaways to a bed and breakfast, and the Christmas movie White Christmas Ben & Jerry’s is probably what Vermont is most famous for.

For the longest time I always thought we were famous for it simply because it is such good ice cream, or I guess I should say that it was famous and we were along for the ride. Relatively early on while traveling internationally though I realized that Ben & Jerry’s is so famous not just because it’s such good ice cream, or because of Free Cone Day, (and now a days for their no apologies Twitter account) but also because it is very international. The most surprising place I’ve seen it was at a random train station in Japan, but it wouldn’t have been surprising if I had done my research ahead of time as it is currently sold in 35 countries around the world. Also, they have different flavors around the world (just incase they didn’t already have enough for you.) What I find fun is when I find it is to look at the label in these countries, because while the “Vermont’s Finest” label isn’t always there anymore (in the pictures below it’s only in the one from New Zealand), there is still the address for the corporate office in South Burlington, Vermont. Whenever I see it my Vermont pride comes out. While it may be in 35 countries, I have personally seen it in: USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, and Japan. Maybe someday I’ll see it in all 35. 🙂

So, do I always buy it when I see it? Well, I can’t say I’ve bought it everywhere as it can be quite expensive, for example, in Auckland, New Zealand it was $13.50 NZD or about $9.00 USD for a pint. However, if I’m feeling a little homesick I have been known to pay quite a bit for a pint (or the small sized individual servings ones) of Chocolate Fudge Brownie (my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor).

Is where you’re from famous for anything? Do you also get super excited when you see it around the world?

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