Accountability/ Where Are We Going?: August 2020

This is the month that time forgot. Accountability, what? Seriously. After a few late nights of writing posts that felt so much less than the quality I wanted to write I basically threw up my hands and decided to forfeit the “post on a schedule no matter what” idea and tried to adopt the “post when you have something worth posting” mindset. What I got was a month where I didn’t post much. Need to find the middle ground somewhere. However, while my content creation was low this month for posts, there are some new friends following along, so thank you for joining in on this journey! Welcome! If you ever want to know more about some aspect of our around the world and cruise ship life, looking for travel advice or want to know about some destination around the world, please let me know by sending me a note here.

At the start of this month I flew to Scotland, which then involved a two week quarantine. No one checked on me and this was on the honor system, just like it was when I flew into the US. This month started with two weeks in quarantine over in Scotland which was spent doing a jigsaw puzzle, painting the fence, tiling our bathroom, and working on my online courses. I have completed one so far, am nearly done my second one and plan to start the third this coming week. So, while my blogging was a bit lackluster at least I was making progress for my career goals.

After my quarantine was done we did a week-long road-trip around England (not where the current COVID hotspots are, don’t worry!) and it has provided me with so much to write about, so expect quite a few posts in the coming weeks. Other than that we’ve been doing some more home projects (we planted some hydrangeas!), going on lots of walks to see the sheep just down the hill from us, and spending a lot of the non-rainy days going to see family while we can easily be outside.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

So, the next question is, where are we going? Well, we are going to attempt the impossible and fly to the US. For those of you that aren’t aware, there is currently a Presidential Proclamation in place that restricts entry to the United States from citizens of the United Kingdom (and quite a few other countries) if you have been in the UK (or a bunch of other places) in the past 14 days. Some international couples have been bypassing this by flying to an unrestricted country (like Antigua, Mexico, and Croatia to name a few) – staying there for 14 days – and then going to the US. As a UK citizen Stuart would normally be in this category (and, while it might be a lovely holiday paying for a hotel for 14 days sounds expensive); however, in Section 2 of the Proclamation it states that as my spouse he has an exemption and can enter the country, so we will have that proclamation printed out, as well as a copy of our marriage certificate, and hope that it works. And, no, none of this is exaggerated. The crazy thing is, this is what we are dealing with as a married couple our friends that aren’t married have it so much worse. It’s so lucky that we got married last year. Some of our friends having not seen their significant other/partner for 6+ months because of travel restrictions and the challenges of it. Ri-fricking-diculous.

So, we will head to the US for a bit, quarantine, get tested to get out of quarantine, and, while seeing my family is of course the reason that we are going to Vermont at all, right up there on the list of reasons to go home for a bit is to pick up my absentee ballot from my Town Clerk’s Office and drop it back off as we will be heading back to Scotland before the election. P.S. If you are not registered to vote (for my friends from the US) you can do so here.

What will September bring? Only time will tell! I can’t believe the summer (that hasn’t felt like a summer at all) is coming to an end. Like everyone else time seems to just be a blended mess. It flies by and at the same time takes forever. My accountability goals for September aren’t much. I’m going to post more, enjoy some time with my family (with Stuart there! Yay!), do some hiking and do my best to appreciate the beauty of fall foliage in Vermont.

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