Accountability: July 2020

Somehow we’ve ended up at the end of July and more than half the summer’s gone by. 

In Vermont I’ve spent my days, doing lots of things in lots of ways. 

After so long all on the ship, being home in one place feels like quite the trip. 

I hope I can see my husband soon, otherwise we’ll have to get good at Zoom. 

I got a lot done which is always lots of fun.

I didn’t quite finish my list, but don’t you dare diss.

Somedays getting things done goes according to plan, other times you just do the best you can. 

July was a month like that, but at least I could come home to my cats. 

This month I started a course online, hoping it is a step towards a new job to call mine. 

I started working at the restaurant again, and on occasion was even able to see some friends. 

I didn’t study French so much, I don’t know what will get me out of that rut. 

My exercising was a bit lack-luster; my projects were pretty high intensity though – kind of like Ghost Busters!

I mowed lawns and did the sales, I even drank a Vermont ale. 

I started a DIY project and am putting it back together. The idea seemed great but the results are it’s taking me forever.   

I kept going with this blog and even joined Twitter. I haven’t written much on it yet, I didn’t want to litter. 

Words-With-Friends has been quite nice, I played so much it might nearly be a vice. 

My grandma made me a cake for my birthday that was months ago, as when I was onboard they were cost cutting so low.

Sadness we felt that our ship got sold, but after 100’s of days being onboard was getting really old. 

In August we are hopeful together we’ll be, but as coronavirus is still a thing, I guess we’ll have to see. 

This month I tried to get a lot done, but I didn’t do well at finding time for fun. 

In the months to come I hope to get better, even if for that fun I might need a sweater. 

Forgive my rhyming this one time, I promise, it didn’t cost you a dime. 

It made me smile in times such as these. Maybe the answer to all my questions are rhyming and well, of course, cheese. 

Now that we have accounted for what doesn’t seem like much, let me leave you with a quick thought that simply goes as such:

Summer is nearly over, so do not waste the nice weather. Enjoy it the best you can, with those whose bonds will never sever. 

Try to find the good in days even when it’s hard to do. When it feels like you might fall apart let those friendships be your glue. 

Times ahead are daunting and frankly seem kind of scary, but just remember we’ll get through this and to not let your optimism wary. 

You’ve made it to the end of this little poem I wrote. Thank you so much for reading. 

I hope August brings out lots of joy, it’s something we’ve all been needing. 

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