Are You Hiring?: Navigating Applying for a Job in a Pandemic

A lot of what I’ve written about on this blog is my job hunt. Does anyone else want to talk about the comedy that is the tragedy of searching for a job on a cruise ship right now? The cruise industry is at a complete halt, so are they even remotely thinking about hiring in a time when nearly all ships have disembarked their passengers and no one quite knows when it will all start up again?

The short answer is… I don’t know. According to this article from Forbes now is not the time to stop looking. It is the time to make everything shine as the market is set to get very competitive in this massive economic downturn. I do have a glimmer of hope though as my LinkedIn alerts showed that someone from Holland America Line looked at my profile the other day – so maybe they are looking to hire, or at least plan for when they are going to hire again.

One of my goals each month is to do something towards getting a job. The month of March I was going to be sending out my application materials for working as a Future Cruise Consultant. Christina (the friend I’m applying with as they are only accepting pairs of people) and I finished our video, we have our resumes ready, a cover letter that’s good to go and then, well then everything came to a halt and we realized that maybe sending in our resume to the head office right now might not be the best time.

This virus is doing a number on our economy in so many ways. The unemployment rate in the United States is far over 6 million right now (this is high) and more people are applying to receive unemployment checks every day. Cruise lines are losing money daily. At this point the 30 day shut down has added another 30 days and is taking us into May. Canada has their borders for cruise ships closed until July 1st which directly impacts the cruises on the ship that Stuart sails on. However, in spite of all of this, my goal still hasn’t changed. You know when someone asks a question at the least opportune time? You look at them and think “How could they be so inconsiderate?” We don’t want to be those people – but, at the same time, we want to keep moving foward.

In light of everything that’s going on when is the appropriate time to reach out and say “We want a job. We want this job. Here are our application materials – we look forward to hearing from you soon.” Wouldn’t they just look at it, think “who are these assholes?” and then laugh a bit at the sentence “we look forward to hearing from you soon”. Of course they can’t get back to us in any kind of timely manner right now – the current employees they have are awaiting answers to when they are flying home/if they are flying home/if they have another contract/job/what-is-going-on?

And I get that.

I do. I get all of it.

But, I still want a damn job. And, while that Forbes article largely says “keep going for it!” I am not sure that they quite mean go for it with an industry that is going through massive changes and challenges right now. I don’t want my whole life to stop. I want to keep going and keep striving and not losing the momentum that I have been building for myself this year.

I think there are a lot of people feeling like that. In a culture when we are encouraged to go-go-go how do you cope when you then have to stop? When the go-go-go gets slowed down and you have to reevaluate what progress looks like?

We will still apply; though we don’t know when. The world is changing so much each day I don’t know if there is much else we can do aside from wait a bit, tweak our Cover Letter a bit more, then our resumes, and then, even if it’s not the exact right time, go for it.

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