Accountability: February 2020

Oh, February you cheeky little bugger. (My Scottish is coming out). A couple of nights ago onboard we went 23 hours forward, or to put it another way – we crossed the International Dateline and thus went one day forward, however, to get in line with the next place we are going to (Tonga) we needed to go one hour back from that time zone – hence the 23 hours forward.

What this also means is that I went to bed and it was Tuesday the 25th, and then all of a sudden it became Thursday the 27th – now as I post this online it is March 3rd. Anywho, all of a sudden I realized that holy hell, even on this leap year, February is over. Then, I also realized that means I needed to do my accountability post.

My current goals:

Continue working on learning French – 30 lessons per month (on DuoLingo)

  • This did not happen. Not having internet to do a lesson every day was definitely preventative. The other part is that I do best with the French lessons when I do them every day before I go to bed. It becomes a habit. But, when instead of it becoming every night before bed habit it is a whenever I find Wi-Fi habit. So, instead of 30 I did… 12.  However, I did go to a port where I could practice speaking French and I’ve found two crew members onboard that speak French and despite being nervous and a bit embarrassed at trying, I am speaking with them in French. I am very grateful that they are patient with me and also grateful for the opportunity. 
  • Revised goal: 15 French lessons per month + conversations with the French speakers onboard + watch one movie in French per week.  

Keep going with this blog – at least 15 blog posts per month

  • This also didn’t happen. This was an excessive goal when I think about it. It would mean a post every other day. Way more than what I want to be at right now. When I went to the ship I had made an agreement with myself to post every Tuesday and Thursday. I have stuck with that and feel good about it. I also tossed in an Instagram and Facebook post some weekends.Revised goal: Post every Tuesday and Thursday, also at least one Saturday post.  

Do one thing per month towards getting a job with follow-up action. (Example: I can update my resume all day but if I don’t send it out it won’t do any good just sitting on my computer’s hard drive).

  • Yes. I emailed out my resume and application video to another person. This one actually responded… with a no. Well, technically with a “we’re not hiring for that position right now”.Note: I really like this goal. I don’t have to actively think about what I am going to apply for every month, but having this goal will keep me from not going for things just because the rejection gets me down.
  • Revised Goal: No revision on this goal. My friend and I are working quite diligently on getting our application material ready to send in for another job on board and so I know what it will be this month.

Make sure even while traveling I talk to my mom, my brother, and my grandmother at least once a week. That means if I call and they don’t answer it doesn’t count. Actually talk to them.

  • Success with mom and Nan, no success with my brother. My mom has a smart phone that has WhatsApp. WhatsApp goes over data instead of the phone network, and as I get unlimited data in most foreign countries I can call her on WhatsApp literally from my cabin on the ship. My grandma and my brother though do not have smart phones, which means that I can only call them when I get Wi-Fi. Although I technically could call them from the ship, it is pretty expensive so I avoid doing that unless I need to. I’m glad that I’ve helped bring my mom into the smartphone world as it has definitely helped a lot to stay in contact.
  • Revised Goal: No revision on this goal. While it hasn’t been successful at actually talking with my brother every week, at least I am leaving him a voicemail so he knows that I am thinking of him and love him. Of all of my goals, this is the most important one.

Check in with my closest friends at least every other week.

  • Two of my friends are currently on this ship, so that part is easy. The others well – one I have been good with, one I have been okay with. One just downloaded WhatsApp so hopefully that helps.  The last one I have been trying to put more effort into lately but haven’t been getting a response. Her life is busy, mine is on the other side of the world.
  • Revised Goal: No revision on this goal. Time can get really fuzzy while you are on board. You don’t know what day of the week it is – only what port you’re in or how many more sea days you have. So onboard a week can sometimes feel like a month but other times it can just feel like a couple of days. Maintaining and strengthening land friendships when you are onboard and in the reverse, maintaining and strengthening ship friendships when you are on land can be incredibly hard – but it is also incredibly important.  

Alright, I also tossed in some extra goals:

  • Go for a walk on deck at least every other day while on the ship.
    • I have not done this – although I have done some form of exercise nearly every day – and I have made sure to go out on deck and get fresh air every day. Overall I feel good about not hitting this exact goal, but still striving towards what the purpose of the goal was. (Exercise and outside time)
  • Read at least two books.
    • I did finish one book and I am halfway through another. Not as successful on this as I should have hoped for. Whomp. Will work harder on this one.
  • Establish a posting schedule and stick to it (I am thinking Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Saturday).
    • Success on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Less so about the Saturdays, but I am going to work on getting some things up on Saturdays on occasion, but also getting the images and topics ready enough ahead of time to get the images uploaded on port days since I can’t rely on the internet onboard being strong enough to load them.
  • Get over feeling vain about taking pictures. I make funny faces in a lot of pictures because it’s easier than trying to look “good” in them and I don’t want to seem “vain” or like someone obsessed with Instagram. I’m trying to market myself for not only a job, but for this blog. I need to go somewhere between funny faces and the people that are too obsessed with making their life look wonderful.
    • I am getting better about this! I am realizing that part of my success with this blog will be about my “brand” but also about the images that I put out there.

All in all – a relative success. I’m okay with the progress that I’ve made towards my goals, but also to spend time with friends on board and sometimes value catching up with a girlfriend or hanging out with Stuart above all of the quantitative goals. After all, we are all a work in progress aren’t we?  Let’s see how I do in March!

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