Accountability: January 2020

January 2020 is almost over. Where does the time go? Do you feel like you are 1/12 of the way towards your New Year’s Resolution?

I’m not too into New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I have come up with a few. And, I have decided to use this to keep myself accountable.

My friend that does a personal finance blog ( does an Accountability update every month. I have decided to do that in my own way. Each month I will do an accountability update on my goals and what I’ve done to work towards them.

My current goals:

  • Continue working on learning French – 30 lessons per month (on DuoLingo)
  • Keep going with this blog – at least 15 blog posts per month
  • Do one thing per month towards getting a job with follow-up action. (Example: I can update my resume all day but if I don’t send it out it won’t do any good just sitting on my computer’s hard drive).
  • Make sure even while traveling I talk to my mom, my brother, and my grandmother at least once a week. That means if I call and they don’t answer it doesn’t count. Actually talk to them.
  • Check in with my 5 main closest friends at least every other week.

Okay, now that we’ve put out there what my goals are, here is my accountability for this month:

  • French: I was rocking solid on this for the first part of the month and then slipped at the second half. I did hit 30 lessons but this next month I want to spread it out throughout the month. (So, less days of doing 5 in one day followed by weeks of none at all)
  • Blog – With this one it will be 16 posts this month!
  • Get a job: This month I crushed it – I applied for a job, filmed a new application video, and updated my resume. (To no avail thus far. Whomp.)
  • Talk to my Fam: Success! And, they are getting better about calling me when I am overseas, too.
  • Friends: I’m going to do better at it next month.

My goals for next month will be mostly the same, with the addition of:

  • Go for a walk on deck at least every other day while on the ship.
  • Read at least two books.
  • Establish a posting schedule and stick to it (I am thinking Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Saturday).
  • Get over feeling vain about taking pictures. I make funny faces in a lot of pictures because it’s easier than trying to look “good” in them and I don’t want to seem “vain” or like someone obsessed with Instagram. I’m trying to market myself for not only a job, but for this blog. I need to go somewhere between funny faces and the people that are too obsessed with making their life look wonderful.

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