I Guess I Need to be a Better Swimmer

My back-up plan came to an end today.  Awhile ago I wrote about how my back up plan had somewhat just become my plan, and the owner of the restaurant that I worked at told me today that he’s sold the restaurant.

Apparently it doesn’t mean that I am done – he told the new owners a bit about my situation, about how I am only home sporadically and he thinks they’ll still give me shifts if I want them. But, do I want them?

Another part of the life line that I have financially relied on for the past nearly 15 years is coming to an end. What do you do with another major life change?

Get even more focused on finding a new job, and maybe actually turning this blog into something.

Step 1: Actually hit publish so people can see this page. (Very nerveracking, not sure I’m there yet.)

Step 2: Film video and apply for new job onboard the ship.

Step 3: Start reading, absorbing blog posts, etc. Get my head back in the game. (Yes, HSM).

One of my safety nets has gone. That just means I need to be a better swimmer.

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