Get Your Sh*t Together

My friend started a personal finance blog because she wanted to get her financial life in order.  She had a bunch of student loan debt and a whole pile of questions about how to get out of it. So, she started her blog, and over time she both learned more about money, managing it, making it, keeping it, and making it work for you, and somewhere along the way her blog even started making her money. (#forthewin) Her blog is and it’s fricking fabulous. Go check it out. Learn something. Enjoy her humor. It’s fantastic.

Anywho, her and I were chatting. She figured I could write a blog about money. Over the course of time I have had varying levels of obsession with financial security. I was the friend that if we went out to dinner would ask for separate checks or get so frustrated when someone just wanted to “split the bill!” No, we aren’t splitting the bill, I got a cup of soup and you had steak. Just stop.

Sure, I could write about finances and money and what not. I have a very complicated relationship with money. Plenty to talk about. Every great idea needs a starting point. And mine is this: she needed to get her money life in order, and I need to get my damn career in order. So, that is what I’m going to write about.

If you write about getting your shit together, will you in fact, get it together?  Stay tuned… it will certainly be interesting.

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