Nevermind “Hopefully”, Let’s Get Shit Done

Do you have those days where you want to get so much done? You want to change the world and move mountains?

How about the days where you want to watch Netflix all day, sit in your pajamas and pretend the sun didn’t even rise.

I have had all of those days, and honestly, when your career is in the tanks, I certainly have more of those days.

Life is all about balance – I’ve had great jobs with terrible bosses, and terrible jobs with great bosses. I’ve had a career path but been in terrible relationships… and, then I’ve got right now, where I’ve got a great relationship but no career path.

So, I am putting it out there. My plan to action. Doing nothing is getting me nowhere. So, here it goes:

  1. Apply for another job. Just do it. Get your name back in the ring. Refresh your resume. Take a pretty picture. Sell the hell out of yourself because you are one badass mo-fo.
  2. Repeat. Maybe have a friend or two proofread your resume. Try again.
  3. Go for a nice long walk with your husband along the canal. Maybe the swans will be there. Drink a bottle of wine. Don’t think about the job thing.
  4. Get back at it girl. Film a video. Get your Instagram on point. Buy into the whole “branding yourself” idea.
  5. Rinse, adjust, and repeat until what you are putting out in the world is the best most bad-ass version of yourself.

Have you had a time where you relied on hopefully instead of action?  What did you do to get yourself out of your funk and get your groove back?

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