United States

Basic: Founded in 1776 after we revolted about getting taxed from England without representation. We think we are the most badass country, but in realty there are a lot of other countries that are also badass and some of them even do things in some ways better. There is a whole lot here, and no two parts are really that similar. There are parts with trees and mountains! There are parts that are completely flat with not much going on. There are oceans and lakes and rivers. Please see the State by State breakdown for more information
Driving: Drive on the right hand side of the road.
Weather: This is entirely dependent on where in the country you are. Here is a very quick break down for you: Northeast: Hot as hell in the summer, cold as the tundra in the winter. Southeast: Hot as hell in the summer and SO HUMID, still pretty hot in the winter (from the perspective of a northerner), not as humid. Southwest: Hot pretty much all year round, but without the humidity! Northwest: Lovely summers, a bit rainy, not too hot. Milder winters than the northeast, still fricking cold, lots of snow. Everywhere in between: google that shit!
Language: The main language is American English. However, depending on which part your in Spanish (mostly the southern states) and French (New Orleans and surrounding, as well as a bit in the northern states directly next to the Quebec border), and various other pockets of languages, specifically in big cities.
Currency: USD (U.S. Dollar)

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