United Kingdom – Scotland

Basic: Scotland! The grumpy older brother to England. It’s beautiful, it’s charming. Never comment on their “English” accent of you might get a pint glass to the head. Full of laughs and charms, absolutely gorgeous countryside, and a land where they refer to soda as juice – you can’t go wrong with a visit to Scotland.
Weather: Better than they let you believe. Mild winters, only getting to freezing a few times. Up north it’s worse, down by England it’s a bit better. Short days in winter, long days in summer. Expect rain. Plan for rain. Get a “brolly” (umbrella). Summer is often warm enough for shorts (daytime, nighttime not even a little) but still not quite warm enough for swimming.
Language: English, and by English I mean Scottish, and by Scottish I mean – good luck, especially the further north that you go.
Driving: The left side of the road. Be ready for roundabouts everywhere. Remember, the traffic signs are in miles, not km.
Currency: Pounds Sterling. And for one pound and two pounds they have coins, so when someone gives you change, pay attention! Those pound coins all add up!

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