Basic: Si! Gracias! Oh, the land of tapas, croquettes, and sangria. The purveyors of the afternoon siesta. Excellent tax laws for those working at sea (so I’ve been told). The sun and sand vacation spot of northern Europe. Spain is lovely. Beautiful beaches and countryside, immense history and beauty. A large unemployment or underemployment rate and a struggling economy are not hugely noticeable except in big cities.

Language: Spanish! Repeat after me: Uno mas cervesas por favor. (One more beer please), and you’ll be fine.

Weather: Ohhhhh Caliente! (= hot). Hot in the summer. Like, really hot. Pleasant for the rest of the year.

Currency: The Euro! Watch out for the one euro and two euro coins as they really add up! Don’t think your random pile of change is just a few euros when it’s probably at least like 10.

Driving: The right side of the road. Lots of public transportation available though and not that challenging to navigate.

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