Basic: Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano! Italia! Oh, Italy. How much wonderful can I say about you? The land of gelato and pizza and pasta and wine. The land of leisurely walks down cobblestone streets. The land of buildings and monuments that are well over a thousand years old, absolutely massive, and beautiful. Go to Italy. Make sure to cross at crosswalks. Don’t underestimate how fast motorcycles/mopeds are going. Fashionable. Your t-shirt and blue jeans will make you stick out like a sore thumb. Think as fashionable as you can and you will still be outdone by a 5 year old you see walking with their mom.
Weather: Somewhere between lovely for a sundress and cute wedges and blisteringly hot and you are sweating in your cleavage – depending on the season. The heat of summer (July/August) will be hot. The months outside and around that will be more bearable. Light sweaters in springtime and fall. Cooler, possibly in need of a leather jacket, skinny jeans, flats or heels, and a scarf in the winter.
Language: Italiano! For those that speak Spanish, just give it a try and you’ll be able to at least make it through a little bit. For those that speak French, there are some similar words, don’t be completely lost. For those that only speak English – you’ll be fine. Just be nice, learn a couple basics, and try not to seem too much like a “stupid American”.
Currency: The Euro! Watch out for the one euro and two euro coins as they really add up! Don’t think your random pile of change is just a few euros when it’s probably at least like 10.
Driving: Right side of the road – and fast, and a little bit everywhere. Best to have had a few glasses of wine before getting in a taxi.

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