Basic: Oh Cananda, my home and native land… Canada is a lovely place full of lots of stereotypes that are mostly true. They are very nice, depending on which side of Canada they are from they will say “aboot”, they spell colour with a u. Madness I tell you. Canada is proud of their maple syrup (Vermont’s is better) and their moose (Vermont’s are better). They have a hugely vast wilderness and lovely people, mountains, and lakes. Well worth the visit.
Language: English, and Quebecois if you are in Quebec (this is their take on French). Much like major English speaking countries different pockets of the major cities will speak different languages based on who settled there.
Weather: Depends on which part you are in. Literally all of Canada is north of the continental United States, so think of it that way. It’s all going to be cold in the winter. In the summer the Quebec side gets quite hot, and the Vancouver side stays more mild.
Currency: The Canadian Dollar. Watch out for the loonies and toonies (one and two dollar coins!)
Driving: On the Right side, they might be part of the British Commonwealth and spell words like color and favor wrong, but at least they drive on the right side.

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