When You Get the Whole Row to Yourself

June 12, 2018
GLA-JFK, Delta Flight 266. Seat 41D. 7h 36m flight time.

Here I am, sitting on the plane for the start of a 7 1/2 hour flight. Currently the flight gods are looking down at me and smiling – I have the rarest of rare events happening where it appears I may have a row entirely to myself. So as not to jinx myself I haven’t buc

Three seats all to myself! 

kled in yet. A couple is walking down… they look up to the numbers on the other side! They are an A, B, or C. No one else seems to be coming on.


Can I believe it?

The next question – do I try to make it to share the joy. Other rows are completely full.


Oh no, there is a last minute boarder. He is walking through the …

He sat down.

Flying Into NYC


Holy shit.

H-o-l-y shit.

The karmic gods have smiled on me today.

I just let myself hope and checked the arm rests. THEY GO ALL THE WAY UP. I have a full row to myself and the arm rests go up.

I still haven’t buckled in. Is this real?

Time to buckle in. The cabin door is closed.

Yes – this is like winning the damn lottery for me. I think I will get nice and comfy.

Delta Comfort from JFK to BTV! 

Side note: for the haters out there, I at least moved into the middle seat for meals so the people sitting in front of me (the middle seat was open) could lean back in freedom.

Also—- my next flight I got upgraded to Delta Comfort, with no one sitting next to me!  The travel gods are looking down on me today! A TON of leg room to enjoy!


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