Perfume On a Train

June 11, 2018
Train from London Euston to Glasgow Central

Today on the train I spent the majority of the 4 1/2 hour ride (yay Virgin Trains mostly direct route between London and Glasgow!) reading “The Life Changing Art of Not Giving a F**k” by Sarah Knight (highly recommended), looking out the window, or IMG_9698sleeping. At some point I did get up to go to the dining cart to get a small snack (penne pasta with meatballs, surprisingly good), and still had tea in my travel mug from the hotel that morning. Pro tip – grab an extra tea bag from the ones provided in the hotel, most everyone will give you a free hot water refill.) Stuart and I had just finished a three night England adventure, the first being seeing Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour in Manchester, with the following two nights in London so we could see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

At some point during the train ride I decided to take inventory of my surroundings… this is what I observed:

Cell phones ringing and dinging, one for a phone call which they answered and continued to have a call on. The other possibly a call, but has been followed by the many pings of a texting conversation. Apparently the silent option isn’t available.

We also have one lady that refuses to type a text message and instead is dictating to her phone. ‘Full stop What’s the latest question mark.’ As a side note on this she is taking selfies away and using her fingers to type many other things on her screen – so it is apparently not a dexterity issue.

Another ring and answer two seats back. Silent mode is just a thing of the past.

Across the table from Stuart and I we have a combination of makeup time and knitting hour. The knitting I am in awe of as she is doing a very intricate pattern with no book or chart, just from memory. Props to her. The other is an early twenties (ish)woman doing FULL makeup with the entire makeup back emptied onto the table between us. She has used brushes and types of makeup that I know not what they do. Even after watching her apply them I have no idea what the use of that likely $20 powder stuff was that went on top of her already painted face. Ooooh, but her perfume (that she’s applied heavily twice) at least smells nice. I suppose that is the silver lining? After her makeup application she takes a few selfies.

Now, I am not saying that any one of these things is strongly a fault. Everyone talking on their phones are doing it quietly, the makeup girl is harming no one, the knitting lady while shooting me some looks when I told her she was in my seat (assigned seats and I prefer not to face backwards when I’ve purposefully selected a seat facing forward – or in this case Stuart has selected a seat facing forward for me.) But, it does make me wonder what is considered appropriate behavior on a train? Does any of it even matter? None of it has had any real impact on my day or my life. The makeup girl with the perfume is polite and seems to have not sprayed peanut perfume causing me to have a reaction, so at the end of the day I think… as Sarah Knight has taught me from reading her book, I don’t think these fall in the category of me giving a f**k … you do you I suppose, and I’ll keep sitting here reading, sleeping, and looking out the window.

What is your travelling in confined spaces no-no? Is there one thing that drives you up and down a wall?


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